Laserdisc Repair Central - We Care About Our Customers

Laserdisc Repair Central is a fairly niche business, so we at the company doubt that it will become an extremely huge success in the community the business is located in. We expect for our business to be much more successful when it comes to repair work done on players sent to us from all over the globe. However, if our company's predictions turn out to be incorrect, I, the founder of Laserdisc Repair Central, will personally guarantee that we at Laserdisc Repair Central would give a little bit to the community as our way of saying thanks.

First, and what we believe is the biggest gift, we would permanently start giving out 20% discounts to any individual that can prove that they currently are residing in the community. Second, we would start giving out a 40% discount for the community for one week every four months and a 30% discount for one week every four months to the entire world. Third and last but not least, if any customer of ours in the entire world is randomly picked out of a computer-operated drawing at player pickup or soon before player shipment, we will reward the customer with any Laserdisc film that has a value of twenty dollars or under from the Laserdisc Database website (

We at Laserdisc Repair Central would be extremely happy if we ever receive even just one customer in our entire time period of staying in business, but if the company somehow becomes a massive success locally, our minds would absolutely be blown away. In the event that this takes place at some point in the future, we already had set in place some ideas for what we would do to thank not only the entire world, but also the community that our company we've worked extremely hard for is placed in. We pour our heart and soul to make sure that we provide a pleasant experience for all of our customers that we take care of and that we also do a careful job when it actually comes to repairing the Laserdisc players that we receive. We hope that you feel the same, and we also thank you for doing business with us.

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